Our Company

KK Fresh Produce Exporters Ltd is a company limited by shares and committed to providing complete agricultural solutions to Ugandan farmers with a clear vision to lead in the support of agriculture systems, quality seeds and agrochemicals while focusing on general farming, fustigation and irrigation.

KK Fresh Produce Exporters Ltd was incorporated in Uganda with the aim of export promotion and the objective of providing business and social-economic developmental services to national and international organizations through value-chain development and the exporting of fresh fruits and vegetables to Europe and other countries.

KK Fresh Produce Exporters Ltd Focuses on exploiting the abundant potential of small scale shareholding in the agricultural sector by engaging in developmental services, agriculture as a livelihood and economic empowerment activities while addressing the cross cutting issues which affect our farmers' productivity and making sure that we yield capacity of at-least 200,000 tonnes of produce export per month.

KK Fresh Produce Exporters Ltd has its headquarters in Kampala at Plot 1567 Naalya opposite Northern by-pass high way and 100 acres of a farm at wabikokoma village, in Busiika parish, Kalagala Sub County in Luwero district and with an increasing number of out-growers. It has a management structure with a strong and committed Board of Directors.

Our Mission

To bring together all farmers to fight poverty through agricultural development as we promote the Country’s fresh produce exports and brand Uganda on the world market as a reliable supplier of quality products and services with a view of earning substantial foreign exchange.

Our Services

KK Fresh Produce Exporters Ltd provides services to different local, regional, international organisations as well as to private sector companies. We offer a wide range of services in value-chain analysis and development, market information services, product development in addition to product purchases for export.

KK Fresh Produce Exporters Ltd has appointed technical staff to supervise farms, evaluate and appreciate market trends as the basis to making key decisions of where, when, what and how to export. Guided by the market and product prospects, we review trends through market research to formulate appropriate market entry and penetration strategies for quality export produce.

Our Goal

To distinguish ourselves in the supply of agricultural produce through definitive world class quality and service delivery as our leverage in light of the wide range of agricultural products available on the market. Currently there is still insufficient undertaking to address the demand of agricultural products which meet global quality standards. Many companies or organizations in the arena have chosen to concentrate on a limited product line.

This will uphold our vantage position on the market horizon through offering a wide range of agricultural products in the fruits and vegetables arena, capitalizing on all location opportunities and utilizing a high level of expertise within the agricultural sector.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to offer best-fit-solutions by closely working with the markets we serve. This hands-on exchange of knowledge shall promote the success of both our farmers, clients and our business. KK FOODS staff are continually kept informed on cutting-edge best practices and have the experience of applying and adapting this expertise to farmers’ specific needs.

We facilitate successful participation in trade promotion events like trade fair and exhibitions, buyer-seller meetings, exporters meetings etc. We help our farmers gain mainstream access to national branding initiatives and actively advise them on media and promotion strategies.

Dr. James Kanyije - CEO

Word From The CEO

The world needs a healthy and resilient global population to become a better place to live in. At KK FOODS, our contribution toward this goal goes to the pillar of food security across all continents of today’s world. We have committed to building a sustained network of farmers to produce rich and original organic farm products for a healthy and vibrant global population.

We offer a full bouquet of agricultural solutions to farmers in Uganda at the core of which we provide leadership and expertise in agriculture systems, seed, agrochemical, and nutrients to shore up the general and specific experience of the farmer in conformance with global farming best practices.

We leverage cutting-edge technology trends to further enrich the experience of the local farmer as we provide services that include fustigation, irrigation, cold-room storage and other value-addition services such as export promotion, market research and value chain development.

KKFOODS has been in operation since 2011 and has quickly grown to become one of the leading fresh fruit and vegetable produce export companies in Uganda. We indeed export farm produce to Europe and other countries.

Our vision remains to ultimately lead in the world of agricultural systems and to cultivate a world class partnership with our clientele on both the local and international scene. Our commitment to quality and excellence remains at the core of the values that drive our global competitive edge.