The world is currently faced with a coronavirus outbreak with already a shattering impact on both the local and global economy. Horticulture in Uganda has specifically been grossly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic with impaired access to global markets, cancelled farmer engagements at community level and a growing climate of agro-business uncertainty over the short term and even long term horizon.

KK Fresh Produce Exporters Ltd encourages all its esteemed horticulture farmers to abide by the guidelines handed down by the ministry of health of Uganda which can be found on this link here.

Refer to the following good practices where applicable in line with the Ministry of Health guidelines as we all contend globally with the Covid-19 pandemic;

    1. Frequent hand washing with soap for 20 seconds as a first line of defense.

    2. Place hand sanitizer dispensers throughout your farm operations environment and make sure that anti-bacterial soap and single-use towels are stocked in every toilet/bathroom.

    3. Endeavor to have all supply trucks, delivery vehicles and tractors availed with basic hand sanitation supplies including water (for hand washing), antibacterial soap, and single-use towels.

    4. Ensure that all work surfaces and even drinking water containers are cleaned and sanitized regularly.

    5. Create highly visible notices to remind employees and even customers about all anti-Covid-19 best practices.

    6. Maintain social distancing among farmworkers through if possible reducing their number. And send any farmworkers immediately on sick leave if they begin to feel any kind illness for medical attention including testing for covid-19, all in line with the ministry of health guidelines.

    7. Farmworkers over the age of 60 and those that have underlying medical issues could be considered for low risk alternative assignments or even a sabbatical.

    8. As soon as any worker on the farm becomes ill with Covid-19, immediately run with the Ministry of Health guidelines.

Dr. James Kanyije - CEO

Word From The CEO

The world needs a healthy and resilient global population to become a better place to live in. At KK FOODS, our contribution toward this goal goes to the pillar of food security across all continents of today’s world. We have committed to building a sustained network of farmers to produce rich and original organic farm products for a healthy and vibrant global population.

We offer a full bouquet of agricultural solutions to farmers in Uganda at the core of which we provide leadership and expertise in agriculture systems, seed, agrochemical, and nutrients to shore up the general and specific experience of the farmer in conformance with global farming best practices.

We leverage cutting-edge technology trends to further enrich the experience of the local farmer as we provide services that include fustigation, irrigation, cold-room storage and other value-addition services such as export promotion, market research and value chain development.

KKFOODS has been in operation since 2011 and has quickly grown to become one of the leading fresh fruit and vegetable produce export companies in Uganda. We indeed export farm produce to Europe and other countries.

Our vision remains to ultimately lead in the world of agricultural systems and to cultivate a world class partnership with our clientele on both the local and international scene. Our commitment to quality and excellence remains at the core of the values that drive our global competitive edge.